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Feb 19, 2020

As many others have commented, this book was disappointing. This is one of the least enjoyable books I've read by Cook (if not THE least). Ending very disappointing and no closure with what happened to some of the characters. The last book I read of Cook's I did not care for either, but thought I would give him one more try. This is the last.

Aug 23, 2013

Well written but the ending was a total let down. Unanswered questions, no wrap up and I felt cheated.

abkeller May 24, 2013

Pia Grazdani had lived a hard life. Her early years were spent in the foster care system, where she endured a nightmare of psychological problems. Like an avenging angel, Pia’s true father, a powerful crime boss, miraculously showed up to save her, but for Pia, it was too late. She was already angry and bitter about being denied a normal childhood. She needed to get away.
Pia took a research jog at Nano, LLC in Boulder, Colorado, a firm poised on the brink of striking breakthroughs in nanotechnology. The tiny microbivores gobbled up viruses and other diseases and were small enough to flow through the tiniest capillaries.
All is going well and Pia loves her new job until she stumbles across the body of a runner. The Oriental man has apparently suffered a complete collapse and isn’t breathing. Immediately, Pia begins CPR. The EMTs transfer the patient to the hospital, where he seems to make a miraculous recovery. Even stranger is the sudden appearance of Nano security personnel, who spirit the runner away before a full battery of hospital tests can be completed. Why were Nano personnel so interested in the Chinese runner and what else is going on at the facility that Pia doesn’t know about?
Pia begins to investigate, but her attempts to learn anything are repeatedly thwarted. Her friends, George and Paul, aren’t able to uncover anything, either, and caution Pia about becoming too determined in her quest for the truth.
At last, Pia realizes she has to go to the top. She ingratiates herself with Zachary Berman, the head of Nano, LLC. The lecherous deviant is enthralled with Pia’s beauty, wit and intelligence. Certain that he will eventually win her affections, Berman pursues her. Berman knows that nothing must get in the way of securing the Chinese funding for nano-robotics, but he cannot seem to help himself. Pia is like a fever in his blood, perhaps a deadly obsession from which he will not recover.
Intriguing and thought provoking, this book stands out in its scope of cutting edge technology and realistic ending. In this case, the heroine is swallowed up in the white slave pipeline and the bad guys triumph. Frighteningly realistic.

ggbookreader Apr 12, 2013

Once readers get to chapter 13 the storyline takes off. First you must read through the ego tripping description of Zachary Berman's thoughts that he is so great, plus all the males "drooling" over Pia Grazdani (such a time consuming waste, in my opinion). Here's a great quote by Pia Grazdani about Zachary Berman: "... he was a dangerous snake in the grass." LOL! You will learn many important facts from this storyline and the central characters. If you enjoy reading about paranoid people with outlandish-sounding conspiracy theories plus the sinister, this novel is sure to intrigue you.

Apr 09, 2013

Least favourite by this author. Ending was disappointing, no clear conclusion to what happened to certain characters.

Mar 17, 2013

This book felt incomplete to me. Even if it is part of an ongoing set there seemed to me to be too many unappealing characters and unexplored subplots in this book.

Feb 12, 2013

I stopped before the end of the first chapter. I will try it again after I get my PhD in Microbiology. Too many words and concepts I didn't understand.

Jan 04, 2013

A lot of filler and far-fetched dialogue. The main character, Pia, is supposed to be very bright, yet the author has her do and say stupid things. For these reasons, I found a lot of the book annoying, but the basic plot was interesting enough to keep me reading.

cmdudlak Jan 02, 2013

Death Benefit repeat, a little stale - Pia curious, Pia beloved by obsessed suitor, Pia in trouble again, George tries to rescue, enter daddy Burim and Pia's "Albanian family"... If Cook turns his next book into "Taken" ala the Liam Neeson movie, I may have to take him off my Preferred Author List.

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