What We Do Now

What We Do Now

Standing up for your Values in Trump's America

Book - 2017
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In response to Trump's shocking election win and imminent inauguration, Melville House has pulled together a timely and essential 'instant book'. What We Do Now collects short essays by leading progressives in which they suggest what they think people can do in their respective areas of expertise in the wake of the election crisis. It is a powerful call for standing up for what you believe in and provides hope in an era of uncertainty and a constructive notion about how to simply move forward. Includes essays by Gloria Steinem, Bernie Sanders, Sherman Alexie and Dave Eggers, among many others.
Publisher: Brooklyn :, Melville House,, [2017]
Copyright Date: ©2017
ISBN: 9781612196596
Branch Call Number: 973.933 Wha
Characteristics: x, 211 pages ; 21 cm


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Jan 28, 2020

Editor Valerie Merians released a similar collection of essays titled "What We Do Now" following the election of George W. Bush. After Trump's election, she and Dennis Johnson rushed out this follow-up collection of some original, and some previously published essays. There are helpful and hopeful essays here, but nothing especially original. The best is probably George Saunders's "The Braindead Megaphone" (published previously in his own 2007 collection) on communication, the media, and the quality of information we receive.

Jan 12, 2019

Did VVV really write this?! “A must read to see how far the dems are willing to go to gain power. (Did you know that dems founded the KKK in order to circumvent the Fourteenth Amendment?)”
Obviously a Trump supporter!

Jan 10, 2019

Love how the previous comment by VVV is nothing but alternative facts. Typical low IQ trump supporter.

Nov 15, 2018

You've got to be kidding. Anywhere from fighting duly elected winners and smearing in a Hail Mary Justice Kavanaugh (two of his accusers have admitted to lying and another one is under FBI investigation, as well as the holes in Blase Ford's testimony), the dems are on a holy terror to bring down the Republicans, and especially President Trump, no matter how illegal, unethical, or against the law. Do you really want the members of the so called caravan living next door to you, dating your daughter, and sucking up your tax dollars in free government benefits? A must read to see how far the dems are willing to go to gain power. (Did you know that dems founded the KKK in order to circumvent the Fourteenth Amendment?)

Dec 14, 2017

Wondering why "Aquilea777" is meddling in the business of a Canadian public library and its users...

That said, the contributors included in this book provide an insight into the saner sides of the ongoing American political debate that all Canadians would be well-advised to read up on. For our own self-defence.

Aug 23, 2017

Continues the 2016 Democrat attack on straight White males ("deplorables").
--- Trump is a racist, sexist fascist, pp x, 68-69, 95, 105, 108. He is stupid and ignorant like his supporters, but still dangerously clever, pp 174-179. Only White male Neanderthals wanted Trump. Decent people -- women, Blacks, Latinos, gays, Muslims -- are in despair. "With the election of Donald Trump, a tangible sense of doom has permeated America," p 183. [Why has the stock market surged?] The election has made Blacks physically ill; they now fear for their lives, pp 38, 40-41.
--- Whites are inherently racist. They must admit their guilt and denounce other Whites, pp 61, 71-72. Blacks should vote Black, and women vote female, but White men who vote for one of their own are bigots. [How did Whites elect Obama twice?]
--- Even friendly Whites are complicit in "the violent culture of hate," pp 37-38. Whites are like wifebeaters and wife-killers; they will soon be outnumbered, but until they are, "this is a time of maximum danger," p 65.
--- The good people must unite against White supremacy. Resist, protest, disrupt! pp 19, 64, 127, 145, 211. [Hillary renounced her husband's anti-crime legislation: by 2016, it was considered racist.]
--- Jews and Muslims must unite against "Christian hegemony," 109-110, 114, 118 (Jewish authors). [No one dominates Jews in America. There were three Jews and no Protestants on the Supreme Court when Obama nominated a fourth Jew. Obama lumped Christianity with racism as failings of poor Whites (2008 campaign). The Court banned harmless prayers in school; only an atheist form of evolution can be taught. Obama sought to force contraception on Catholic institutions. The Court imposed abortion and gay marriage nationwide; Christians are punished for not participating. In the US today, Christians are under assault by the ruthless Liberal establishment. I'm not a Christian; I don't accept the Biblical accounts; God is beyond human imagining or description. But I don't believe in suppressing Christians under the phony pretense of protecting others.]
--- Women are better leaders than men, p 71. More of them should have joined Bitches For Hillary.
--- Hillary is so brilliant, honest, and self-sacrificing that only bigots could reject her, pp 59-60, 67, 174. [Hillary lost her own group, White women, by 10 points, according to CNN's book UNPRECEDENTED, p 272.]
--- Whites must fund Black agitators, and protect "queer coworkers" from being "misgendered", p 41. Transgendered people will never stop fighting Trump, p 145.
--- Whites must protect Planned Parenthood abortion mills in order to shield the vulnerable, pp 37, 40-41, 69. Don't pay your income tax, send part of it to Planned Parenthood [so more baby girls can be aborted], p 64.
--- Trump is xenophobic for enforcing immigration laws enacted by Democrats and
Republicans, pp 75-76. Illegality is good, law-enforcement wrong. Cities must harbor illegals, 102. ["Xenophobic"? Compare the Liberal anti-Russian hysteria.]
--- The media should have condemned and ridiculed Trump more severely, and should have ignored Hillary's email scandals, pp 150-151, 180. [For many months, the media tried to suppress Trump's vote by insisting he had no chance and the markets would crash if he won -- all lies.]
--- One writer denounces Obama's secrecy and spying, p 81. Another says Obama's trade deals doomed Hillary, pp 132-133.
--- Dems warned that loser Trump might challenge the election and disrupt the nation. When Hillary lost, they challenged everything and tried to corrupt the Electors. They blamed an imaginary Russian-Trump conspiracy for revealing Hillary's dishonesty. They said Trump wants peace with Moscow because he's a traitor or a Russian stooge: we must resume the Cold War and hound Trump from office if he resists.

Feb 21, 2017

Great essays and very thoughtful, but it almost feels outdated already in light of the first month of 45's presidency and the executive orders.

Jan 18, 2017

This collection is comprised of easily digestible speeches, essays, and letters from prominent figures imploring the progressive public to resist complacency and depression in the next Presidential administration. The theme is clear: We are the majority, you are not alone, and we need to stick together.

While this is geared towards the general "liberal" demographic, much of this reads as a primer for the dismayed white voter who has been jolted into grassroots activism as a result of the 2016 US Election. To that aim, it's an excellent way to focus one's thoughts without getting overwhelmed by the onslaught of social media commentary, blogs, and editorials. I would caution against this being the ONLY read on the subject, though. I suggest interested readers and community members combine this with reading many other writings from POC and LGBTQ+ activists over the past several decades.

Dec 16, 2016

Not sure Star Gladiator has all the facts straight, as apparently facts are not as agreed-upon anymore. But the nation belongs to the voters, no matter how many choose to exercise that. The amazing thing is that so many voters went for Trump, the equivalent of writing in Mickey Mouse, but I guess being a TV star is comforting to voters. I'll look forward to reading this book, but I do already believe the U.S. was hacked, played, etc., and this "strong man" Trump is waving the whole thing off and living on fake news. And Trump is recommending fringe clowns for his cabinet who have no experience except yelling at whomever is in charge or is otherwise the object of their hatred.

Dec 15, 2016

[The commenter above, kniece, makes a rude statement, but then offers zero to dispute my statements - - if there is nothing to offer, kindly keep quiet! Commenter also claims America was hacked --- certainly by China, but we've been hearing this about Russian hacking for 9 months, but the CIA, NSA, and DIA have still yet to provide ANY evidence!!! Not enough money?????]
The very first thing to do is to take responsibility: obviously not too many people wanted to vote for another member of the Bush Crime Family or the Clinton Crime Family: together, Trump and Clinton took in 40% of the vote, 60% either didn't vote or voted for one of the third parties.
The perverse will blame HRC's loss on the third party, clearly and insanely denying the reality that many Americans aren't completely amoral and see nothing to be gained from having another Clinton, Bush or Trump in the presidency.
No sane American with a standard complement of neurons would vote for either of those three, but we are no longer in sane territory in this country.
Billions have been spent on nonexistent or scamming so-called Syrian rebels, yet hardly nary a word in the NonMedia, or Fake News. All the NonMedia and Fake News outlets are now reporting that Russia was behind the hacks, without presenting a single iota of evidence - - perhaps the moon is really made of green cheese?
[The very first value to stand up for, or begin to practice, is honesty!]
And for the record, to those who don't expend the required time and energy to seek their news online, the NonMedia Fake News keeps claiming that those WikiLeaked emails were hacked by the Russians, but they WERE NEVER HACKED, they were copied and passed on to WikiLeaks by an HRC/DNC insider.

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