What A Plant Knows
What A Plant Knows A Field Guide to the Senses By Chamovitz, Daniel Book - 2012

This could have easily been a five-star book if the publisher would have given more to style in content. The plant pictures are light drawings not color plates, missing are several introductory sentences such as the numbers of species of plants, different types (aquatic, land, desert, etc). In the chapters, are missing introductory sentences such as the number of chemicals for plant defences, and more than just one example (i.e., protection for pathogens, but not ozone?). The ultilization of one plant study of tomatoes to cover many different species is not really thrilling. The Venus Flytrap, but not also the Pitcher Plant... The book could still be quaintly small with just a little more work on adding a few sentences and color plates and photos. It is also too modernly eurocentric, a bit more indigenous worldwide material could have been added--a few more sentences. Not explained is whether plants feel pain in a different way--this is left open only sometimes but not resolute--as plants are still a mystery. Other than these quibbles, it is great that several issues of a plant's knowledge are discussed in an easy-to-read style.

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