From Silk to Silicon
From Silk to Silicon The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives By Garten, Jeffrey E. Book - 2016

The overarching crux of this book, brought to us by a former Yale academic, of course, suggests that these were great people for what they did, not predominantly mass murderers, mass torturers, psychopaths of a large magnitude, et cetera. Doubt if those who suffered horrendous deaths under Genghis Khan, or Rockefeller-financed wars and destroyed refineries, and similar fates, really would salute this author or this book?
As Gerard Celente says, the problem with America is Harvard, Princeton, Yale, bullets, bombs and banks!
Generally, humans do not bemoan the fall of an empire, or most empires, it is only overly rich and syncophantic and obseqeuous historian toadies who do so. [Could or would Xiaoping have brought hundreds of millions of people into the global economy had not David Rockefeller flown with Nixon and Kissinger on those flights to China in 1973? When Rockefeller established banking operations in Beijing and Moscow? And whose lives were altered or destroyed when their jobs were offshored to China? What is their opinion of the author and his opinions? Is America better for all the R&D offshored to China? From Boston to Seattle one observes growth in workers from India . . . and homeless Americans.]

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