Don't believe the previous comments about this film being too long. Yes, it's an epic story, but I was riveted from the beginning to the end. I can see how someone who goes for war movies might not find this so entertaining because it's not really a war movie. It's a story about art and life, about the politics and morality of art, and just happens to take place (in part) during WWII.
The more significant part of the story really happens before and after the war, portraying the official sanctioned attitudes towards art during the rise of Nazi Germany, and in the two divided German states afterwards.
But this is really one of those rare films that works on multiple levels, as a gripping story, and as a comment on political and social issues with fine performances, atmospheric music and a smart script that allows you to think for yourself. And finally, in the end, it's not wrapped up in a tidy ending with justice done, because that's probably more believable.
Probably the best film I've seen this year.

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