More a 2-1/2 than a 2. There were some entertaining or enjoying points in the book.

When I read the blurb it sounded like an exciting thriller, especially with all the politics and issues surrounding us today. The first half the book was good. Wright clearly knows his business and did some solid research on the different viruses that can affect us. He added in just the right amount of political intrigue to make it a fast paced, danger filled race to find a cure. Once Henry started to identify the root of the virus and started to try to make his way home the book just went down hill. It bogged down with lengthy passages about his and other characters' histories that did nothing to move the story along. There was gratuitous, gory deaths of both animals and humans. I could have done without the animals eating their human caretakers. I didn't need the details of Henry's kids burying their mother and the hurried chapter of when they run from their home. It didn't make the story better. Instead it made is revolting. The last half of the book seemed to be an attempt by the author to make it as gross and disgusting as possible.

I did like Henry. He was one of those good guy characters who doesn't start out to be a hero or want to be one. He just wants to do it job and return to his family. I liked his wife, Jill and Lauren who is the straight arrow trying to get the president to do the right thing.

Generally speaking I should have put it aside when it started to go downhill but I kept hoping it would get better. It didn't.

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