Grown up Digital
Grown up Digital How the Net Generation Is Changing your World By Tapscott, Don Book - 2009 302.231 Tap Available in some locations
One Bird's Choice
One Bird's Choice A Year in the Life of An Overeducated, Underemployed Twenty-something Who Moves Back Home By Reid, Iain Book - 2010 306.874092 Reid Available in some locations
Stayin' Alive
Stayin' Alive How Canadian Baby Boomers Will Work, Play, and Find Meaning in the Second Half of Their Adult Lives By Adams, Michael Book - 2010 305.2440971 Ada Available in some locations
Born at the Right Time
Born at the Right Time A History of the Baby-boom Generation By Owram, Douglas Book - 1996 971.064 Owr Available in some locations
Mind your X's and Y's
Mind your X's and Y's Satisfying the 10 Cravings of A New Generation of Consumers By Johnson, Lisa Book - 2006
The Greater Generation
The Greater Generation In Defense of the Baby Boom Legacy By Steinhorn, Leonard Book - 2006 305.2097309045 Ste Available in some locations
The Boomer Factor
The Boomer Factor What Canada's Most Famous Generation Is Leaving Behind By Bibby, Reginald W. Book - 2006 306.09045 Bib Available in some locations
The Boomer Century, 1946-2046
The Boomer Century, 1946-2046 How America's Most Influential Generation Changed Everything By Croker, Richard Book - 2007 305.24097309045 Cro Available in some locations
The Trophy Kids Grow up
The Trophy Kids Grow up How the Millennial Generation Is Shaking up the Workplace By Alsop, Ronald Book - 2008 331.340973 Als Available in some locations
The New Old
The New Old How the Boomers Are Changing Everything-- Again By Cravit, David Book - 2008 305.244 Cra Available in some locations
Slackonomics Generation X in the Age of Creative Destruction By Chamberlain, Lisa Book - 2008 305.2 Cha Available in some locations
The Hourglass Solution
The Hourglass Solution A Boomer's Guide to the Rest of your Life By Johnson, Jeff Book - 2009 155.66 Joh Available in some locations
Y in the Workplace
Y in the Workplace Managing the "me First" Generation By Lipkin, Nicole A. Book - 2009 658.302 Lip Available in some locations
The Laughing Boomer
The Laughing Boomer Retire From Work--gear up for Living! By Sinclaire, Mahara Book - 2011 646.79 Sin Available in some locations
Dancing With Digital Natives
Dancing With Digital Natives Staying in Step With the Generation That's Transforming the Way Business Is Done eBook - 2011 Click Here to Access Ebook »
When Generations Collide
When Generations Collide Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials : Who They Are, Why They Clash, How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work By Lancaster, Lynne C. Book - 2003 658.30084 Lan All copies in use. Availability details
You Had to Be There
You Had to Be There An Intimate Portrait of the Generation That Survived the Depression, Won the War, and Re-invented Canada By Collins, Robert Book - 1997 305.20971 Col Available in some locations
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A list of resources that describes the different generations (Gen X, Gen Y, Baby Boomers) and how they interact with each other in life and work.

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