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Jun 13, 2021cknightkc rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Starting with the beautiful cover art, THE LOST APOTHECARY has all the ingredients that appeal to Anglophiles and readers like me. Kudos to first-time author Sarah Penner for blending two of my favorite genres, historic fiction and mystery, in this original and highly entertaining novel. Set in London, the story alternates between 2 timelines (1791 and present day). The author does a great job capturing the atmosphere of 18th century and modern-day London. The plot also has a strong theme of female empowerment, and the three main characters offer alternating points of view. THE LOST APOTHECARY is a multi-layered tale of secrets, betrayal, and revenge but it's also about hope, happiness, and fulfillment. OF NOTE: I learned some interesting facts about poisons and herbal medicine. I also added a new word (“mudlarking”) to my vocabulary (see Video).